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Sister Girl Holiday Book Bundle

Introducing...The Sister Girl Holiday Bundle!
Just in time for the holidays, we're introducing a new bundle set with some of our favorite Sister Girl books!

This gift bundle includes the following fun Sister Girls books: 
  • Sister Girl and the Training Wheels
  • Sister Girl and the New Dress
  • Sister Girl and the Family Dinner
  • The Sister Girl Inspirational Coloring Book

Sister Girl and the Training Wheels 

This groundbreaking book is all about building a girl's confidence, imagination, and spirit. In Sister Girl and the Training Wheels, she learns about patience, support, and growing up. Her father is instrumental in not only helping her ride a bike but also preparing her to understand how to handle other hurdles in life. Readers are left with a sense of pride in family, and also themselves.

Sister Girl and the New Dress
Sister Girl takes on an exciting new lesson as her mother teaches her how to sew. Not only will she be able to make beautiful creations to wear, but she is also learning about saving money. Along with that, she gets another reminder on why patience is important when you try new things. Sister Girl’s wonderful family is continuing to mold her into a well-rounded young lady.

Sister Girl and the Family Dinner

Sister Girl returns with Sister Girl and the Family Dinner, which illustrates the importance of dinner etiquette and the benefits of a family garden. The benefits include important things like physical activity, outdoor time,  healthy eating habits, and self-sufficient skills. The story shares the beauty of family, special moments, and memorable traditions. The book starts off by drawing you in with vibrant descriptions and learning about the family’s amazing garden. The garden contains a magnificent array of fresh vegetables and herbs where children can learn about healthy living and nutritional skills. It also inspires young readers to gain an appreciation for mother nature and family time.  

Sister Girl: Inspirational Coloring Book
Your child will learn all about influential women who changed history in this engaging and inspirational coloring book that is perfect for children of all ages! The Sister Girl Inspirational coloring book highlights the contributions of notable women in the fields of science, engineering, technology, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM). It also highlights trailblazing Olympians, authors, and Grand Slam tennis champions. Our delightful coloring book will build confidence in your child while allowing them to express their creativity. The Sister Girl Inspirational coloring book is a great educational tool for children of all ages to color with Sister Girl while learning about amazing trailblazers in history. It also makes the perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, or use in a classroom.

We hope that you love this awesome holiday bundle!

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Sister Girl Holiday Book Bundle
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