Sister Girl's Guide to Courage: Inspiring Activities for Kids

The Sister Girl Collection not only offers stories that inspire and entertain but also provides valuable lessons on courage and creativity. To help bring these themes into real-world practice, here are a series of fun, educational activities designed for parents and educators to engage children. These activities reinforce the messages from the Sister Girl books and encourage kids to express their bravery and creativity.

1. Courageous Quests:


  • Activity: Create a scavenger hunt that requires kids to complete tasks that involve a small challenge, like reciting a poem in front of others or solving a puzzle under time constraints.
  • Purpose: This activity helps children learn to manage stress and anxiety in a controlled, playful environment, building their courage.


2. Sister Girl Crafts:


  • Activity: Use craft sessions to make 'courage capes' or 'bravery badges' using simple materials like cloth, paper, markers, and stickers. Each child can decorate their cape or badge with symbols of what makes them feel brave.
  • Purpose: Crafting these items provides a tactile way for children to express and remind themselves of their own strengths and bravery.


3. Role-Play Recess:


  • Activity: Set up role-playing scenarios where children get to act out different stories from the Sister Girl books or invent their own stories based on the themes of courage and creativity.
  • Purpose: Role-playing allows children to experience and practice bravery in a variety of settings, boosting their confidence in handling different situations.


4. Hero’s Journey Journal:


  • Activity: Encourage children to keep a journal where they can write about daily events where they felt they were brave or tried something new.
  • Purpose: Writing reinforces the personal recognition of courageous actions and supports literacy skills.


5. Sister Girl Reading Circle:


  • Activity: Organize reading sessions where children read Sister Girl stories aloud to a group and then discuss the moments where Sister Girl shows courage. They can also share if they’ve had similar experiences.
  • Purpose: This activity enhances reading comprehension and critical thinking, and provides a platform for children to discuss courage openly.


6. The Challenge Wheel:


  • Activity: Create a 'challenge wheel' featuring different challenges or activities that require courage. Children can spin the wheel and perform whatever activity it lands on, ranging from singing a song, sharing a story, or leading a game.
  • Purpose: This fun activity randomly assigns tasks that push children out of their comfort zones in a supportive environment.


Each of these activities is designed to not only complement the themes found in the Sister Girl Collection but also to help children practice courage in their everyday lives. By integrating these activities into the classroom or home, parents and educators can provide practical ways for children to grow their bravery and creativity.

Try out these activities and share your experiences on social media, or contact us to get more ideas on how to integrate the lessons from the Sister Girl Collection into fun and educational activities for kids.

These activities provide a structured yet flexible way to encourage children to embody the virtues of courage and creativity portrayed in the Sister Girl Collection, enriching their understanding and appreciation of the stories.

Encourage your child to discover the values of courage and creativity through the engaging activities and captivating stories of the Sister Girl Collection—now available for bringing these enriching experiences into your home, school, or community organization. Visit us at to start the adventure.

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