Porsha Carr Feature

Hi guys!

Every Tuesday is a fun day for my little family, in the evening before dinner my husband and I pack the girls up in the car and we head off to our local library. At our library on Tuesday’s outside, it’s half-off book day so we always score a ton of amazing books for $0.25. After buying our books we head to the library child center. Inside the child center, there are a bunch of learning toys. The girls immediately run and play with them they have things like ABC blocks, Picasso titles, and even a little section for a puppet show. While girls are playing and exploring, my husband goes to the DVD section to rent some of his favorite action movies. Asked for me I start looking through all the children's books for the girls.

I like to check out 7 different books, one for each day of the week. I like to check out books with lots of bright colors to keep the girl's interest. So rambling through books I overheard some other moms talking about a book called Sister Girl & The Training Wheels. I was pretty intrigued to check it out.


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